High-quality product awards – in the PartnerPlusBenefit WorldShop

The latest smartphones or tablets for business, stylish luggage or useful office equipment – you will find a large selection of high-quality product awards in the PartnerPlusBenefit WorldShop/SWISS Shop. And best of all: every award can be paid for easily with Benefit points.


What is more, PartnerPlusBenefit regularly has very attractive offers, such as the WorldShop ‘Award of the Month’. So that you don’t miss any of these highlights, we always tell you about them in our newsletter. You can also take a look in our PartnerPlusBenefit Infolounge.


Employee motivation tip:

Redeem your accruedBenefit points for product awards and raffle them for your employees – at the company’s Christmas party, for example.


Ordering awards – it’s so easy:



  • Simply log in with your company’s PartnerPlusBenefit membership details, choose your product award and pay for it with Benefit points.


  • Benefit awards must be paid for in full with Benefit points. Insufficient points cannot be topped up by a cash or credit card part payment.



Around 1,000 high-quality product awards are waiting for you in the PartnerPlusBenefit WorldShop/SWISS Shop. Just choose and pay with Benefit points.

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