Lounge Voucher

Your company now has the option of redeeming Benefit points for a Lufthansa Group airlines’ lounge voucher. This means you will have a choice of the Lufthansa Senator/Business/Welcome Lounges, the Austrian Airlines Business Class Lounge in Vienna and the SWISS Business Class Lounge in Geneva.


Booking your Lounge Voucher

To ensure that your lounge voucher is issued in good time, please send an email at least three working days (for Lufthansa and SWISS lounge vouchers) or five working days (for Austrian Airlines’ lounge vouchers) before departure, and during the opening times of the PartnerPlusBenefit Service Centre, to:

Corporate customers in Germany: lhpartnerplusbenefit@dlh.de

Corporate customers in Austria: partnerplus.at@dlh.de

Corporate customers in Slovakia: brqxrPPB@dlh.de

Corporate customers in Switzerland: info.partnerplusbenefit.ch@dlh.de


Your email should contain the following information:


  • Your PartnerPlusBenefit company name
  • Your PartnerPlusBenefit contract number
  • Passenger’s name
  • Passenger’s email address
  • Miles & More card number (if available)
  • Lounge voucher required (Austrian Airlines’ lounge voucher, Lufthansa Senator / Business / Welcome lounge voucher, SWISS lounge voucher)


Additional booking conditions:


  • The required number of Benefit points will be deducted from your Benefit points account.


  • On completion of booking, the Lufthansa lounge voucher and the SWISS lounge voucher will be sent by email. The Austrian Airlines’ lounge voucher will be mailed to the company address saved in your company profile.


  • The printed-out Lufthansa and SWISS lounge vouchers or the paper Austrian Airline’s lounge voucher must be shown at the lounge entrance, together with the passenger’s boarding pass for a same-day flight operated by Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines or SWISS.


  • Passengers will only be allowed to enter the lounges if they have a valid lounge voucher.


  • The Lufthansa lounge voucher is only redeemable for access to Lufthansa lounges, the Austrian Airlines’ lounge voucher only for access to the Business Class Lounges at Vienna Airport and the SWISS lounge voucher only for access to the Business Class Lounge at Geneva Airport. The vouchers cannot be redeemed for access to Star Alliance lounges or partner lounges.


  • The vouchers are only valid for one person and for a one-time access to the lounge.


  • The Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa lounge vouchers are valid for six months from the date of issue; the SWISS lounge voucher is valid for three months from the date of issue.


  • Unredeemed and expired lounge vouchers lose their validity. Already redeemed Benefit points cannot be refunded.



You can enjoy the peace and comfort of the Austrian Airlines Business Lounge at Vienna Airport for just 4,050 Benefit points.

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