One flight earns so many Benefit points

The number of Benefit points your company earns per flight depends on the booking class chosen. Flights in First Class earn you correspondingly more Benefit points than flights in Economy Class.


You can find the exact number of points at any time under ‘Points in the ‘Earn points’ section of partnerplusbenefit.com.


It is the number of points listed in ‘Earn points’ at the time of the flight that applies in each case.


Your company will receive a fixed total of 8,000 Benefit points for each flight with Lufthansa Private Jet – regardless of the number of passengers.


An example: for a flight from Munich to Cape Town, your company would earn...

  • 6,900 Benefit points for a First Class flight
  • 3,300 Benefit points for a Business Class flight
  • 1,350 Benefit points for a Premium Economy Class flight
  • 710 Benefit points for an Economy Class flight


Of course, Benefit points can also be earned on ‘discounted fares’.



Is one of your employees flying with Lufthansa Private Jet? You will receive a fixed total of 8,000 Benefit points.


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