Points to note about Benefit free flights

  • The usual airport taxes, charges and surcharges apply to Benefit free flights. You will receive information about the amount of the taxes, charges and surcharges by email with your booking confirmation.


  • Your company can also pay these taxes, fees and surcharges with Benefit points on intercontinental flights operated by Lufthansa with Lufthansa flight numbers, on European and intercontinental flights operated by Austrian Airlines with Austrian Airlines’ flight numbers and by SWISS-operated flights with SWISS flight numbers. The required points amount (rounded up to the next full ten BenefitPoints) will be calculated by the PartnerPlusBenefit Service Centre at the time of booking, based on a fixed point value and your individual routing.


  • A Benefit free flight can be cancelled for a fee of 3,500 BenefitPoints and up to one working day (Mon. - Fri.) before departure. Taxes, fees and sur charges for unused BenefitFreeFlights will be fully reimbursed.


  • Benefit free flights cannot be booked for routes within Japan.


  • Advance booking deadlines:
    • The advance booking deadline for Benefit free flights is one working day (Mon. – Fri.) prior to departure. Please note the opening times of your PartnerPlusBenefit Service Centre when booking.
    • This advance booking deadline also applies to rebookings.
    • Benefit free flights can be rebooked once free of charge up to one working day (Mon. – Fri.) prior to departure.
    • There is a charge of EUR 50 / CHF for every subsequent rebooking. This charge can also be paid with 3,500 Benefit points.


The above-mentioned conditions also apply to Benefit free flights with Eurowings with the following variations:


  • Benefit free flights with Eurowings can only be redeemed on the routes offered by Eurowings.


  • A separate points list applies.


  • Benefit free flights with Eurowings cannot be combined with Benefit free flights with other partner airlines.


  • Benefit points must be redeemed separately for each route segment of a connecting flight.


  • One piece of baggage (max. weight 23 kg) and a snack and beverage on board are included on Benefit free flights with Eurowings.



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