Record tickets manually – it’s easy

Perhaps you are unable to use automatic ticket recording because you have not yet saved any credit or payment card details or been issued a company ID? Then use the option of recording your company’s business flights manually.


How to enter individual airline tickets manually: log on to partnerplusbenefit.com and enter your ticket details under ‘Company profile’ > 'Register points' > ‘Flight tickets’ > ‘Entry of ticket numbers’.


You can make the entries yourself – as part of the PartnerPlusBenefit registration process – up to 12 months from the date of the flight.


Do you want to record a large number of tickets?


In case you have to enter a large number of tickets manually, we offer you a special function: this enables you to upload your ticket numbers as an Excel list.



Handy: you can record your ticket manually up to 12 months after your flight and get all your Benefit points.

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