Save credit or payment card details once – earn points every time

With PartnerPlusBenefit your company can earn Benefit points automatically. All you need to do: in your company profile, save the details of the credit and/or payment cards which you and your employees will use to pay for airline tickets. You can enter not only corporate credit cards but other corporate cards too, such as the ‘Walking Card’ or AirPlus debit cards.


Please ensure that the credit card details are always kept updated – for example, when employees receive a new credit card.


Tip: have credit and payment card details updated automatically


Take advantage of the option to have all your employees’ saved credit and payment card details updated automatically. That way you won’t have to remember to do it and the card details will always be up to date.



400 Benefit points will be yours when you save your company’s credit or payment card details in your PartnerPlusBenefit account for the first time.

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