Special promotions that pay off for your company

PartnerPlusBenefit regularly invites you to take part in new special promotions through which your company can benefit additionally on business flights. After a one-off registration, your company can participate in these promotions.


Don’t miss out on these special promotions:


  • Earn a multiple of the usual Benefit points on certain routes (e.g. in ‘Double Points’ promotions or ‘Quintuple Points’ promotions).


  • For flights to certain regions or in certain flight classes we reward you with, for example, free upgrades or product awards.


  • Receive awards more cheaply during certain periods (e.g. ‘30% off award flights from Germany to Paris until 24 December’).



We’ll keep you up to date:


  • Our newsletter will alert you in good time as to when the next special promotion is due.


  • In addition, you will find details of all our current promotions in the ‘Promotions’ section of ppb-infolounge.com.



How to take part in a special promotion:


  1. You will receive an invitation to take part in the promotion in the PartnerPlusBenefit newsletter.
  2. Register your company just once for the promotion.
  3. Fly on business with the Lufthansa Group airlines or one of the Benefit partner airlines – in accordance with the terms and conditions of the promotion concerned.
  4. Your company will profit from multiple Benefit points or special benefits.



Not to be missed: you can earn up to 5 x Benefit points in special promotions.