Five ideas for benefiting from PartnerPlusBenefit

Save on the travel budget with Benefit free flights, arrive rested for business meetings thanks to Benefit upgrades, take important exhibition material with you to a trade fair thanks to Benefit excess baggage – the customer advisors in our PartnerPlusBenefit Service Centre know exactly how a company can profit from PartnerPlusBenefit. That is because they are in personal contact with the member companies. They will be happy to give you specific suggestions too – tailored to your particular circumstances and the amount of business travel undertaken in your company.


We have chosen five useful ideas for making the most of PartnerPlusBenefit here. We hope they inspire you.


Benefit upgrades booked, travel costs saved

On long-haul flights especially, it’s important for business travellers to arrive rested at their destination. Thanks to PartnerPlusBenefit, Benefit points  can be invested in Benefit upgrades to First Class, Business Class or Premium Economy Class. So with PartnerPlusBenefit you can save on your travel budget, and you or your staff can use the valuable peace and quiet to work


A profitable flight to a trade fair: with Benefit excess baggage

We often give the following tip to companies who exhibit their products at trade fairs: for employees who want to take exhibition material or sales literature with them in their baggage, it is well worth using Benefit points for Benefit excess baggage vouchers. It means they can take an extra suitcase with them or increase the weight of their free baggage allowance.


Fly once, earn points twice: with PartnerPlusBenefit and Miles & More

What many companies and employees don’t realise is that any employee flying on business can earn not only Benefit points for their company, but also award miles for their own Miles & More account. Another big plus point appreciated by all our members: both bonus programmes are free of charge.


A successful strategy: lots of BenefitPoints, lots of free flights


Would you like a seat with more legroom or your preferred seat next to the aisle or window? Just use your Benefit points to reserve a seat. Perfect for enjoying your flight in Economy Class even more.


A successful strategy: lots of Benefit points, lots of free flights

In business, being present on site is often critical for driving a project forward. So many managers and engineers find it pays to hold weekly or monthly meetings with clients or partners overseas. Long-haul flights earn a lot of Benefit points, so many companies are able to get several Benefit free flights per year.