Five recommendations from our customer advisors

Order several product awards at once, earn double and triple Benefit points, book a Benefit free flight at short notice – make the most of the many opportunities presented by PartnerPlusBenefit. Our customer advisors are on hand to make sure you don’t miss out on any options. They assist our bonus programme members with any queries related to PartnerPlusBenefit and always endeavour to satisfy the individual requirements of the company involved.


We have chosen five useful ideas for making the most of PartnerPlusBenefit here. We hope they inspire you.


Your PartnerPlusBenefit Service Team


Always ready to listen

New PartnerPlusBenefit members usually have plenty of questions: “Do I have to register each employee individually?” “When do I get the Benefit credit?” “How can I book a Benefit upgrade?” “What is the advantage of using Benefit excess baggage?” We’re always ready to listen to everyone and we are very happy to explain how everything works.


PartnerPlusBenefit Team


Easy ways to save on travel costs

In many medium-sized companies a travel manager takes care of the high number of business trips. In smaller firms it's usually secretaries who book individual business trips. Of course, we support both and offer them individual advice on how they can save on travel costs very effectively and without a great deal of effort.


PartnerPlusBenefit Team


Redeem points before they expire

Whenever we’re having a conversation with a PartnerPlusBenefit member, we take a quick look at their current points balance. If some of their Benefit points are shortly due to expire, we point this out to them and give them tips on how their points could be redeemed. In any case, members receive relevant notification by email three months before their points expire.


PartnerPlusBenefit Team

Get the award you want even quicker

We recommend to every member that they subscribe to the free PartnerPlusBenefit newsletter. It arrives once a month by email and tells them about the latest points promotions, great-value awards and much more. That way they don't miss out on opportunities to earn double or triple Benefit points, and get the award they want even faster.


PartnerPlusBenefit Team


High-quality product awards – in the Benefit WorldShop

Whether it's durable luggage, the most up-to-date hi-tech gadgets or stylish office equipment – the Benefit WorldShop offers you a huge selection of awards. The booking of the Benefit WorldShop awards can be done convenient online via the WorldShop homepage. Please not there’s only gate delivery. We’re happy to support you with your order.


PartnerPlusBenefit Team