How your company and your employees benefit

PartnerPlusBenefit, the Lufthansa Group airlines’ free corporate bonus programme for small and medium-sized enterprises, works very simply. You and your employees only have to do one thing: fly with the Lufthansa Group airlines– and your company will earn valuable Benefit points with almost every business trip. You can redeem these points for attractive awards.

Profitable ways to redeem your points:

  • You can reduce your company’s travel costs, e.g. through Benefit free flights or Benefit upgrades.
  • Your company will have access to an extensive range of awards which can be beneficial to every employee.
  • You have plenty of options for motivating your employees, e.g. with top-quality product awards.


The benefits of earning points:

  • Your company will benefit from greater flexibility because, thanks to the global route network of the Lufthansa Group airlines, you can earn points on almost every business trip.
  • Your employees’ business flights will earn your company Benefit points that are credited to a joint Benefit points account.
  • At the same time, every employee who is a Miles & More member can earn personal miles as usual.
  • Special promotions and competitions regularly offer you new opportunities to earn double and triple Benefit points – so you can get the awards you want even faster.


Five ideas for benefiting from PartnerPlusBenefit

How to motivate your employees and make the best use of your award options.

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Happy to help: your PartnerPlusBenefit Service Centre

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