What is the difference between PartnerPlusBenefit and Miles & More?

With PartnerPlusBenefit and Miles & More, the Lufthansa Group airlines offer two bonus programmes that are each aimed at different target groups. While only companies and their employees profit from the PartnerPlusBenefit corporate bonus programme, the Miles & More frequent flyer programme is aimed directly at passengers.


Earn Benefit points and miles:

If a company participates in PartnerPlusBenefit, it earns Benefit points on its company Benefit points account for every business trip taken by its employees. With Miles & More, the miles flown by the employees are credited to their personal passenger mileage accounts.


Spend Benefit points and miles:


  • Both programmes offer an extensive range of awards, geared to the requirements of the respective target group in each case.


  • PartnerPlusBenefit offers companies a wide range of options for redeeming Benefit points for attractive Benefit awards – such as Benefit upgrades, Benefit free flights or high-quality product awards related to travel and work. It is also possible to have Benefit points paid out in the form of a Benefit credit.


Can Benefit points and miles be combined?

When they fly, business travellers can earn Benefit points for their company and miles for their own Miles & More account at the same time. It is not possible to combine Benefit points and miles.


Benefits for all

The great thing about PartnerPlusBenefit is that it’s not only good for the company but it’s good for employees as well. Mr Know-How is thrilled by such fair play. Obviously, he doesn’t want to deprive you of his favourite topic.

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