A double dividend: PartnerPlusBenefit and Miles & More

Every flight to a business meeting can have a double dividend. That is because the Lufthansa Group airlines offer two attractive bonus programmes: PartnerPlusBenefit and Miles & More. While only companies and their employees profit from PartnerPlusBenefit, Miles & More is designed specifically for passengers.

And best of all: if you use both programmes, you will be rewarded twice. A business traveller whose firm or employer is a PartnerPlusBenefit member will earn Benefit points for the firm at the same time as earning Miles & More miles for their own mileage account – on the same flight.


By participating in PartnerPlusBenefit and Miles & More you benefit equally from two bonus programmes – and both are free of charge.

What is the difference between PartnerPlusBenefit and Miles & More?

Compare the benefits of both bonus programmes.

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