Earn points automatically with Flight Manager

For business travellers, partnerplusbenefit.com is the first stop when planning travel: book online via Flight Manager, the PartnerPlusBenefit booking function, and the airline tickets are also recorded for you in PartnerPlusBenefit and automatically awarded points.


How does that work? Very simply. Log on directly to partnerplusbenefit.com and use the easy-to-use flight search. A few details are enough: departure airport, destination and the required travel dates – and you are quickly directed to an overview of all possible flights. As soon as you book a flight, your ticket is recorded. After the flight, the corresponding Benefit points will be credited automatically to your Benefit points account, in accordance with the PartnerPlusBenefit membership terms and conditions.

This is convenient as you save valuable time – planning travel and earning points has never been so easy!



With Flight Manager you can earn points automatically and easily in three steps: log on to partnerplusbenefit.com, search for your flight, and book.