Record Benefit points in your Benefit points account – automatically or manually

You can record your Benefit points automatically as soon as you book your flight. Alternatively, you can enter your flights manually into your company’s Benefit points account.


  1. Recording automatically:
  • If you book on Lufthansa.com or eurowings.com you have two options for earning Benefit points: during booking, simply specify your saved credit/payment card number or your contract number.


  • If you've logged in and book via the Flight Manager on partnerplusbenefit.com, your Benefit points will be recorded automatically.


  • If you book through a travel agency, simply quote the number of one of your saved credit/payment cards or your company ID.


  1. Recording manually:


Perhaps you prefer to record flights retrospectively, because the payment was made with a personal credit card, or by invoice, for example? You can easily add all ticket numbers into your company’s Benefit points account as part of the PartnerPlusBenefit registration process – even up to 12 months after the flight.


Earn points automatically with Flight Manager

Book flights through PartnerPlusBenefit and earn points directly online.

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Earn points on Lufthansa.com and eurowings.com

Earn Benefit points on these airlines’ booking platforms.

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Earn points on bookings through travel agencies

Simply state your company ID and all your Benefit points will be recorded.

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Record tickets manually – it’s easy

You can still secure your Benefit points up to 12 months after a flight.

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