Useful tips for booking your flights

With PartnerPlusBenefit your company automatically earns points. We offer you several different ways to book business flights and earn points in the process: on the usual booking platforms (Lufthansa.com, eurowings.com), via Flight Manager on the PartnerPlusBenefit website, and through your travel agency.


  • Purchase tickets via Lufthansa.com or eurowings.com and you can earn points automatically – to do so, simply enter your PartnerPlusBenefit contract number when booking.


  • You can also use Flight Manager, the booking function on partnerplusbenefit.com, to select flights and book them directly. The advantage of this: after you have logged in, your Benefit points will be credited to you automatically.


  • You will also receive Benefit points for tickets booked through a travel agency – simply pay for the tickets with one of your saved credit/payment cards or specify your company ID.



You have 3 different options for booking flights and earning valuable Benefit points at the same time.

Book flights conveniently online – by Flight Manager

Use the booking function on partnerplusbenefit.com.

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Tips for booking via Lufthansa.com and eurowings.com

It’s so easy to earn Benefit points when booking.

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Tips for booking through a travel agency

Specify your company ID just once and earn points for every future booking.

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Your BenefitPoints per flight

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