FlyNet® vouchers – go online on board

With Benefit points you and your employees can take advantage of limitless communication on Lufthansa long-haul flights – thanks to Lufthansa FlyNet®. Business travellers can go online easily and use their time on board for business matters, such as answering emails, reading important news or accessing their company’s Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Lufthansa FlyNet® is available to passengers on intercontinental flights worldwide.


Order and use FlyNet® vouchers – it’s so easy:


  • Go on to partnerplusbenefit.com and order FlyNet® vouchers there for only 1,700 Benefit points each.


  • The vouchers are not personalised and can therefore be used by any of your company’s business travellers.


  • Each voucher can be activated at any time on board. It is then valid for 24 hours – even if the passenger transfers to another Lufthansa flight equipped with FlyNet®.


  • Please book FlyNet® vouchers individually. It is not possible to book several vouchers at once.



With your FlyNet® voucher you can go online during your flight – you get 24 hours for only 1,700 Benefit points.