View your Benefit points account balance – at any time online

  • As a member company, you can access the current balance of your accrued Benefit points online at any time: simply log on to partnerplusbenefit.com with your user name and password and view your points balance under ‘Points’>’Benefit points balance’.


  • In addition, we keep your company up to date with a monthly email: you will receive our newsletter which also tells you your latest points balance.


  • You can also see all the details of the points you have earned and redeemed in your account statement.


  • Our special reporting tool will give you an overview of the number of flights taken by your company's employees, with their destinations and the classes they travelled in.




Good to know: your Benefit points remain valid for 36 months.

How many Benefit points is a flight worth?

Use the points calculator to work out the number of Benefit points you can earn.

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What information does the account statement include?

It shows your current points balance and all account transactions to date.

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Can I view specific information about a business trip?

You can access the travel details of every recorded airline ticket.

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How do I find out which of my points will soon expire?

You can see exactly when your points will expire in your Benefit points account.

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