Register several credit/payment cards easily

You want to save the details of several of your employees’ credit/payment cards in PartnerPlusBenefit? You can do this easily by means of an Excel file. An Excel template is available online for you to download when required – all you need to do is to input the relevant card information and upload the completed file.


You will find this useful feature under ‘Company profile’ > ‘Register points’ > ‘Credit/payment card’ >  ‘Credit-/payment card upload’.


Already logged into PartnerPlusBenefit? Then go direct to ‘Credit-/payment card uploads.’


Not yet logged in? Log in here.



Automatic updating of your company credit Cards


Do you have several company credit cards or payment cards? Then PartnerPlusBenefit offers you the option of having cards issued by participating credit card companies updated automatically. This ensures that you always have an overview of your employees’ company credit/payment cards and don’t have to spend time updating the card details manually.



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