Saving credit and payment card details – it’s quick and easy

Please save your credit or payment card details with PartnerPlusBenefit so that your employees’ tickets can be recorded automatically for every flight booking. You only need to to do this once. You can also enter the details of several cards if you wish, and change and update them subsequently.


Please ensure that your credit and payment card details are always fully up to date.


Note on data protection: for data protection reasons, your PartnerPlusBenefit Service Centre cannot take details of your credit card over the phone. The Service Centre’s customer advisors do not have access to this payment information either.


How card registration works in detail

Learn here how to register your credit/payment cards.

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Register several credit cards easily

How to save the details of several credit/payment cards at once.

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Update credit/payment card details automatically

It’s so easy to keep all your employees’ credit/payment card details up to date.

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Is there a security risk in saving credit card details?

Important information about how we protect your data.

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