Recording tickets manually – it’s so easy

To record your tickets manually, simply log in to partnerplusbenefit.comand go to ‘Company profile’ > ‘Register points’ > ‘Flight tickets’ > ‘Entry of ticket numbers’.


Here you will find detailed instructions on how to record the particular type of ticket and what details are required.


Good to know: do you want to record a ticket that was NOT issued by a Benefit partner airline , but which included a flight segment flown with a Benefit partner airline ? In this case, please enter the Benefit partner airline coupon number included in the ticket.


Already logged into PartnerPlusBenefit? Then go directly to ‘Entry of ticket numbers’.


Not yet logged in? Log in here.


Entering etix® – step by step


You’ll find all the ticket details on your etix® receipt.


  1. Simply go online and complete the mask under ‘Entry of ticket numbers’ with the following mandatory details:
  • From (first departure airport)
  • Airline code
  • Ticket number


  1. Enter optional details – to get a better overview of your flights:
  • City name or city code
  • To (destination airport)
  • Departure date
  • Airline/Flight no.
  • Travel class
  • Your personal information on the ticket


  1. Click on ‘Save’ – and the ticket is recorded!



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