Record several tickets at once – it’s easy by upload

To record several tickets manually at the same time, simply log on to partnerplusbenefit.com and go to ‘Company profile’ > ‘Register points’ > ‘Flight tickets’ > ‘Ticket Upload.


Here you can conveniently enter several ticket numbers in the system by means of a special Excel file. This file is available to you as a download.


Already logged into PartnerPlusBenefit? Then go directly to ‘Ticket Upload’.


Not yet logged in? Log in here.


Uploading ticket numbers with Excel – step by step


  1. Simply go online and download the Excel file with the special entry format under ‘Upload ticket numbers’.


  1. Enter ticket details in the relevant columns.


  1. Save the completed Excel file on your computer.


  1. Upload the Excel file via the ‘Browse’ button – and all your tickets will be recorded.



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