Configuring your PartnerPlusBenefit account

View your current points balance, record tickets retrospectively, subscribe to our newsletter – PartnerPlusBenefit offers numerous ways in which you can configure the bonus programme to meet the needs of your company and its employees.

All profile settings can be easily managed online. Once you have logged in, all the functions relating to your PartnerPlusBenefit account are available at all times. If you have any questions or require assistance, your PartnerPlusBenefit Service Centre is on hand to offer tips and advice.

Make the most of your options and find out here how you can configure your PartnerPlusBenefit account so that it best suits your company’s requirements.

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Forgotten your password or log-in details?

We’ll make sure that you get a replacement fast.

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Manage your PartnerPlusBenefit account with ease

You can amend and update your profile and your details online at any time.

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View your Benefit points account balance – at any time online

Call up the current balance of your points account conveniently online.

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Have your tickets been processed yet?

Check whether Benefit points have already been credited for your airline tickets.

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Save credit card details quickly and easily

Have your tickets recorded automatically.

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Your company ID – useful for booking travel

Your tickets will be recorded directly when you book through your travel agency.

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Record tickets manually – even after your flight

You can record your tickets easily online.

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