Check if your tickets have been processed – at any time online

Have Benefit points already been credited for the airline tickets you have entered? You can check the status of your processed tickets at any time in your company’s Benefit points account. Tickets which haven’t yet been processed will not appear here.


To check, simply log on to partnerplusbenefit.com and go to ‘Company profile’ > ‘Register points’ > ‘Flight tickets’ > ‘Status of processed ticket data’.


Already logged into PartnerPlusBenefit? Then check directly on the status of your processed tickets here.


Not yet logged in? Log in here.


How to check whether your airline tickets have been processed


You can see the status of an individual ticket and all other tickets within a certain time frame.


Just complete the relevant input fields and click on ‘Display’.


Then click on ‘Processed tickets’ to open the list of tickets requested.


Everything perfectly in view: with the reporting tool

Create useful reports – in line with your required criteria.

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