Record tickets manually – even after the flight

You can of course also record the relevant tickets with PartnerPlusBenefit even after your employees’ flights. To do so you only need the ticket number, the airline code and the original departure airport.


You can enter these yourself on partnerplusbenefit.com up to 12 months after the date of the flight – under ‘Company profile’ > ‘Register points’ > ‘Flight tickets’ > ‘Entry of ticket numbers’.


N.B. Any tickets booked since your company joined PartnerPlusBenefit and used for business flights can be recorded, to a max. of 12 months.


Already logged into PartnerPlusBenefit? Then go directly to ‘Entry of ticket numbers’.


Not yet logged in? Log in here.



Did your company register with PartnerPlusBenefit a year ago? You can still record all flight tickets for the last 12 months even now.

Recording tickets manually – it’s so easy

You can see step by step how tickets are manually recorded here.

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Record several tickets at once – it’s easy by upload

Use our special Excel list to upload details of several tickets at once.

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