Redeeming Benefit points – a wide variety of opportunities for your company

Reduce travel costs and increase comfort on business trips – your company, too, can benefit from PartnerPlusBenefit. You and your employees can enjoy many attractive Benefit awards.


Whether you convert your accrued Benefit points into free flights, enjoy Business Class upgrades, support your employees with high-quality product awards or use FlyNet® vouchers to go online during a flight – we offer you a wide range of awards that will help you to make your business travel and your day-to-day work even easier and more efficient.


Discover the many different ways your company can make clever use of Benefit points.



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Convert your Benefit points into attractive awards

and your company not only saves on travel costs, but can also motivate employees and increase productivity.

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How long are Benefit points valid for?

Earn points in a relaxed way: your valuable Benefit points remain valid for three years.

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